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New Homes Planning Services and Permits

In our ongoing attempts to be the best and most convenient Town of Hempstead Drafting Company on Long Island, we offer our Planning Services to the residents of Long Island. Whether you already have a plan in the works or need a completely new draft drawn we offer a full expediting service to aid you in your endeavors. Our team can help get your architectural plans drawn for any project you have in mind. We have over 20 years of experience in the drafting and expediting business, we are able to draft any plans to include every detail you are looking for in your next project.

New Homes Permit Submission Courtesy of Town of Hempstead Drafting

Our drafting and design firm mission is to make sure that every customer is pleased and happy with the plans that were drafted for the project. In order to follow through with our plan, we have various services that all work together to help make the consumer experience the best possible. Our services includ : computer-aided design and drafting, new construction, extensions, renovations, decks, dormers, and many more, we are able to fulfill every need for our customers.

Our plans for drafting & designing your home is to understand the task or question, which will allow us to determine the focus and direction of the assignment. Planning for your drafting assignment is a big part so that we’ll know how long we should devote to the assignment and steadily work at it. Taking time to think about ways we can complete the tasks. Drafts are essential checkpoints where you can review your progress and determining if the assignment is on track.

Town of Hempstead Drafting Design Firm can help you to create a distinguished layout for all your furniture needs and much more. To begin, when we are dealing with the furniture layout we are helping you to acknowledge that the size of your furniture and the size of the room are a crucial step in your layout process. For instance, we are making sure that the windows and doors of the room will be placed in the correct locations. Proper positioning is key in this step because you, as the customer, will visualize and grasp the idea of how large a room needs to be.

In addition to creating a prominent layout, at our drafting design firm we also offer to explain to you the cost of what the construction amount will be so that you are ensured of not over budgeting. We are very attentive when it comes to being within budget for our customers and their projects. We never want to make our customers feel overwhelmed when it comes to these issues. Furthermore, we will help you to guarantee that you are not also over designed for the specific neighborhood that you will begin construction in. Our clients are also entitled to be informed if there are any zoning issues that they should be made aware of. It is necessary for our company to notify our client if there are any variances for the house they are building for their property.

Town of Hempstead Drafting offers drafting, design, expediting, legalization for building permits. We also can apply for Variance, Certificate of Occupancy and legalize any existing structures. Serving: Town of Hempstead, Long Island, Nassau County, NY, New York.

We enjoy going the extra mile for our customer, which is why we offer to submit your permits. Town of Hempstead Drafting will submit your plans to the Town of Hempstead Building Department, to have your home improvement project approved by the Town of Hempstead Building Department.

Providing you with great customera service when applying for permits in the Town of Hempstead is just another example that sets Town of Hempstead Drafting above the competition and ultimately saves you time in the end. If you would like to work with a knowledgeable drafting company that gives 100% to each and every client, then call Town of Hempstead Drafting today at (516)-364-4557 and get in touch with us about your next upcoming project.